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Nebraska End of Year and Alabama Coaching Comments

Oh... I have my opinions, but it's time to round some up on other sites, especially some that have shown some pretty good insight.

Husker Mike sums up a number of articles about Bill Callahan and the 2006 season, including a great quote from Auburn's defensive coordinator.

The guys at Big Red Network have an overview of why the Cotton Bowl went the way it did, using quotes from the Cotton Bowl post-game press conference, including Bill Callahan taking responsibility for the fake punt call, and why he called it like he did.

Not to be outdone, Jeffie Husker at Double Extra Point revisits the fake punt call with a massive article about play calling, a must-read for Husker fans.

I'm not going to say I'm glad this season is over, because I really hate it when college football season ends. Nebraska's football season a success? Yes Frustrating? Yes. But a success? Yes. We talked about the definition of success earlier in the season, and I defined success as contending for the Big 12 title on a yearly basis, and we did that. There are a host of other comments on that article, some fairly good ones.

Around the Nation

Ron at In the Bleachers sums up the Nick Saban hiring at Alabama as well as I possibly could with Alabama's 32 million dollar blunder.

Josh at the NCAA blog Double A Zone calls the $32M hiring "Out of Control".

Alabamans obviously have a different point of view.

Minnesota has authorized spending money in their search for a new coach. Good for them. Minnesota has been bleeding their top players to other schools for years, and that never changed under Glen Mason (Nebraskans - Nate Swift and Lydon Murtha on this year's team). Personally, I don't think it will change until the attitude of the state changes and that will take so much as to be nearly impossible, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try, does it?

Frank Solich has been mentioned as a possible replacement at Minnesota, something I'd consider silly at best. Solich has made himself a hero at Ohio, and he's returned home. Why bother coming to Minnesota? I might also add that the guy who started this rumor, Sid Hartman, is as opinionated a sports writer as they come. He's been around a long time and has a long list of contacts, but mostly he likes to hear himself argue.

Fellow SB Nation USC Blogger Conquest Chronicles addresses the yearly "Pete Carroll returning to the NFL" rumors.

Burn Orange Nation - the massive Texas Longhorn blog does a Big 12 Season Review and  asks Corn Nation for help in letting them in on what we think Nebraska's defense will look like next year. I'll be honest, I'm not ready to think about it. I'm still disgusted that I didn't PVR/Tivo the Cotton Bowl, and it's not available on iTunes as expected. I always go back and review the end of year game. It's too early for me to contemplate 2007, I'm still getting over 2006, and the season isn't completely over, there is one more game left to play that I'm still thinking about.