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More Speculation about Kevin Cosgrove and the Minnesota Vikings

Speculation about Kevin Cosgrove going to the Minnesota Vikings continues today as the Star Tribune's Kevin Seifert comes up with one reason as to why there has been no news after nine days since former defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin left to become the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Vikings already have settled on a candidate but have not announced it for competitive or other reasons. Such could be the case with Babich, or even Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove, a close friend of Childress who might not want to disrupt the Cornhuskers' recruiting period. As of last week, however, there was no indication the Vikings had even informally approached Cosgrove, whom Childress tried to hire last year as linebackers coach.

The guys on KFAN's 'Power Trip' morning show speculated about the same issue and pointed out that whomever takes the job will be in pretty good position as the Vikings defense was the strong point of the team.

I wouldn't expect that Cosgrove will be leaving for the Vikings. He didn't come last year as linebackers coach and while the defensive coordinator position is a step up, only Cosgrove can say as to whether he'd like to be a NFL coach (for the Minnesota Vikings, no less).

Given the choice, I'd rather not see Cosgrove leave. After losing John Blake and Jay Norvell, I'd hope we wouldn't see another coach leave for stability reasons. And for those who say Cosgrove isn't a great coach, I'd point out that you have to have the players to be a great coach, and Cosgrove did not have them last season. We were too injured in critical points for him to run a defense as if you were a full team.