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Defensive Ends Adam Carriker, Jay Moore Doing Well At Senior Bowl

Adam Carriker and Jay Moore are doing well in their showings at Senior Bowl practices.

But when we talked about defensive linemen, he expressed that he'd been very impressed by the Nebraska DE's. "Both of them are wrecking balls," he said. "And they're typical, well-coached Nebraska defensive ends just like VandenBosch and Wistrom." The bigger one (Adam Carriker- 6-6, 290) isn't as athletic as the other guy (Jay Moore, 6-4, 275) but each of them are very disruptive and intense, according to the coach.

From Sports Illustrated

Adam Carriker/DL/Nebraska: If Johnson is the best defensive lineman on the South then Carriker is the best one on the field to date. Carriker has also been impossible to stop, displaying a great combination of power, speed and smarts.

Both of these quotes should have Husker fans thinking of defensive end Grant Wistrom, the man whose motor never stops.

Checking several NFL Mock Drafts, Carriker is ranked highest in this one at the nineteenth pick, going to the Tennessee Titans. They had this to say about Carriker, with plenty of rationalization as to why Carriker would be ranked that high.

 One of the Titans most pressing concerns is at cornerback but they really don't have anyone at defensive end opposite Kyle Vanden Bosch either so that is the direction they go here. A massive defensive end at almost 6-6 and nearly 300 lbs., Carriker is versatile enough to fit in either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme and by bringing him into the fold as a base end they could keep the undersized Travis LaBoy fresh and use him as a pass rushing specialist on third downs. A corner such as Darrelle Revis, Daymeion Hughes or Marcus McCauley is a very strong possibility as well and do not overlook receiver either, especially if Dwayne Jarrett were to fall this far because he and offensive coordinator Norm Chow have ties from their days with the Trojans. Defensive end is where value and end meet for the Titans though so with that in mind Carriker is the selection.

Mel Kiper's "Big Board" has Carriker listed as 24th, with his stock going up.

Don't forget that Jay Moore is keeping his Senior Bowl experience up to date at