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Two Chances, Two Losses In Texas

Both basketball teams had their chance, neither completed their shots, which results in two losses in Texas.

The men lost 62-61. Jamel White had a shot at the end but failed to convert.
It was a sloppy game all around as Texas committed 17 turnovers, Nebraska 14. Marcus Perry ended with 17, Maric 15, and Ryan Anderson had 12. Just not enough points. Here's a wrap-up of the game from the Texas point of view.

The women went down 66-65 at Texas A&M. Nebraska was down by one with eleven seconds and the Aggies at the line. They missed their free throw, Nebraska got the ball, got it to Hardy who put up an underhanded shot that missed as time expired. Nebraska lead for most of the game but went cold in the second half.

A disappointing night for the Husker basketball teams. The men's game might be taken as a moral victory if you believe in those. The women's game was just disappointing since they'd just gotten ranked again.

They're all happy at A&M tonight.