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It's Not Morning Coffee But We're Caffeine Addicts So Who Cares?

Jay Moore is sharing his Senior Bowl experience on He talked to pro scouts all day and got tons of Under Armour clothing. I wonder if everything was XXLarge, or if they had some small sizes he could get - for his girlfriend or mom or his niece or somebody like that?

Big Red Network has a nice rundown of the Husker recruits as of last week (I'm a little slow, eh?).

The Omaha paper has some lowdown on the number of recruits for this class. Some will count against last year's class as they're already in school. The article points out that the numbers are commonplace - get as many good recruits as you can and see which ones work out.

It's been pointed out to me that Osborne was much better than anyone else in this regard - taking players and understanding where they fit into his system. Dr. Tom had that doctorate in educational psychology, right, so it's not that shocking he understands people and where they fit.

Husker Mike has the same regard for recruiting that I do. It's made up, you know, kind of like professional wrestling.

The Nebraska women's basketball team is in the Top 25 again. Let's hope they stay around for a while - they play #21 Texas A&M at College Station next.

Speaking of Husker women's basketball - I found a blog dedicated to the women's basketball team and it turns out that the blog was part of the "Fast Breakers UNL Women's Basketball Booster Club." Good for them for having a blog and talking about the Husker women's basketball team. Maybe some of the other sports booster clubs at Nebraska could take a hint?

The son of Monte Kiffin gets hired as the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders. He is 31 years old. The big question is - how long into the next NFL season will he last before the players start to turn against him? The answer is - they won't as long as he's productive. Key word there is 'he', because it is never Randy Moss's fault when he fails to produce, it's always something else.

Clearly the young Kiffin wanted to be a head coach, and he's now joined the elite ranks of NFL head coaches. He'll work his butt off, get paid decently and get fired in two years. He'll then have 'head coaching experience' and work his way around the NFL or college as he sees fit.

It's a great career move. If he does well, everyone will marvel at what a genius he is for turning around the dysfunctional hell that is the Oakland Raiders. If he does poorly, it's the dysfunctional hell that is the Oakland Raiders, for crying out loud, he's a head football coach, not a miracle worker!

Corn Nation would like to find someone to assist in reporting on Husker basketball, so if you've got a hankerin' for Doc Sadler's boys, we'd love to hear from you.