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Torn - Saints or Bears?

Saints or Bears?

Josh Bullocks at Iowa State returning a blocked punt for a TD in 2003. (Source: AP)
With the NFC Championship just an hour or so away, I'm still a little torn about who to root for between the Saints and the Bears.

I have been a Green Bay Packers fan my whole life. Since there were no pro teams n Nebraska, the friends I had in first grade decided that everyone had to pick a favorite pro team to root for. I had two older brothers who had Green Bay Packers stuff all over their rooms, since the Packers had won the first two Super Bowls. Green Bay was the only team I knew anything about, so that's who I picked.

The Green Bay influence lead to me rooting for teams in the NFC North (Central) and since the Packers stunk for about 30 years, I'd usually end up rooting for the Bears in the postseason. Why not? Their teams have always been about overpowering defense, and the ability to run the ball successfully. Yet, here are the Saints. How can you root against a team that hasn't made it to the Super Bowl througout their history? How can you be against a city that's coming back against a lot of odds, a city that I've fallen in love with after my visits?

More importantly, where are the Huskers in all of this? Chicago has Mike Brown, who has had a pretty darned good career with the Bears, but he is on injured reserve.

The Saints have Josh Bullocks and Scott Shanle. Shanle leads the team in tackles with Bullocks at third, so both have had a profound impact on the Saint's successful season. Trevor Johnson and DeJuan Groce are with the Saints in backup roles, so if you're going strictly along Husker lines the Saints are your team for the NFL playoffs.

The second game today is easy. Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady. The only people pulling for Brady will be die-hard Patriots fans, and haven't they won enough?