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Big Red Roundtable - The Dark Side

Husker Mike has alerted those of us on the Big Red Roundtable that there is another who has chosen to crash the party and answer the Big Red Roundtable's questions.

He is a self-proclaimed anti-Husker. He is 250 years old. He wears a scarf that he got in France and he likes it. Hates Nebraska, yet lives in Omaha. Clearly, this is a conflicted person.

So why do I post his  his party-crashing response here?

Because as deranged as he is, I think he makes some good points. The one that strikes home for me is the picture he points out of Nebraska awarding itself the Big 12 North trophy, something I still don't believe exists except as some sort of fabrication.

So... here are AJ's, self-proclaimed Husker-hater, answers to the Big Red Roundtable's questions.

I also post this here hopefully as a reminder to people of one thing - keep your sense of humor, please. You can go here if you love Bill Callahan and hate Frank Solich. You can go here if you hate Bill Callahan and love Frank Solich.

And, hopefully, you can go here if you can somehow love them both, wish the best for both, and realize that the past is gone but we're all still here together moving through space and time, loving Nebraska all the way. Well, except the anti-Husker guy, but everyone needs a nemesis, don't they?