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Bowman to Stay - Jackson to Go?

Has Brandon Jackson seen his last days wearing the Red N? Source: (
At Husker Extra, the news is that Zachary Bowman is staying at Nebraska, despite finding out that he'd be a high second-round draft pick.

The other news is that Brandon Jackson may be considering entering the NFL draft.

For purely selfish reasons, if I had to lose one, I'd let Jackson go. He is a good back, but we have other good backs to take his place as in Marlon Lucky, Cody Glenn, and Kenny Wilson. Whether or not Brandon Jackson is ready for the NFL - who knows, not even Jackson knows that until he gets there. I can't help but think that Jackson hasn't spent enough time on the field to prepare himself for the NFL, but I doubt any agents that contact him will see it that way.

People tend to forget that Marlon Lucky was a sophomore last year, as was Cody Glenn. Both played very well for their age, or is it that we expect phenoms to show themselves immediately, and if they don't, we're disappointed forever in their performances?

Bottom line - Jackson has been good at Nebraska, not great, if for no other reason than he hasn't spent long enough being dominant to be considered great.

Zach Bowman's services as a big, fast, physical cover cornerback were sorely missed this season. With him, we would have won one more game (Oklahoma State), and perhaps more (USC?). We need the guy back in the secondary next year, and he needs to play some more in college before heading to the NFL. It's great that we can work that out in the best interest of all involved.