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Thanks for the Nomination!

Corn Nation got nominated for one of the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards - as being one of the best Big 12 blogs, along with the behemoth that is Burnt Orange Nation, fellow Husker blogger Double Extra Point, Iowa State blogger Crosscyed, and Texas A&M blogger, the 12th Manchild.

Thanks to whomever nominated me.

Double Extra Point also got nominated for the best new blog of the year, so Nebraska bloggers are well-represented. Had I not screwed up and forgotten Big Red Network's podcast, we might have made it three out of four.

You can see the full list of nominations..... like I said before, there's a gob of them:

- Part One of the Nominations
- Part Two of the Nominations
- Part Three of the Nominations
- Part Four of the Nominations
- Part Five of the Nominations

Voting is open to college football bloggers only (maybe next year open to the general population? Who knows?)

Voting can be done here.

It dawned on me that one award was named The Jenn Sterger Rack Award, maybe after my rant that there were too many awards? That'd be funny if it were true.

Earlier this week my brother had a heart attack and had to have a quadruple bypass. Things have been touch and go for most of the week, but tonight it sounds like he's coming around. Given that, I haven't paid much attention to much else besides praying for him and getting through the work day. My brain hasn't been much on writing this week - which I hope you find understandable.