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Nebraska Opens Big 12 Against Iowa State

The Husker men's basketball team will start Big 12 conference play at Ames tomorrow night after ending the non-conference schedule 11-3. The game will start shortly after 7:00 pm CST, and will be televised on FSN Midwest, but only in Nebraska per Big 12 conference rules. The last time Nebraska started the season had 11 wins before starting confernce play was 1994-95. Consider, though, the three losses:

  • A road loss to Rutgers. Okay, so Rutgers is currently 177th in the RPI. Nebraska had a lead with just over a minute to go and didn't hang on. I suppose we're going to have to suspect this with a couple freshman starters.
  • A loss to Oregon. Oregon started the season 13-0, lost to USC and then upset UCLA.
  • A loss to Hawaii at Hawaii. Doc Sadler thrown out during some home cookin' happenings at a place he vowed to never return.
It's easy to get excited about what Doc Sadler has already done with this basketball team, but now the real season starts. Clark Fosler outlines the upcoming Big 12 season and concludes that Nebraska will end up 9-7 in conference play and might have a shot at the big dance.

In order for that to happen, Aleks Maric must stay healthy throughout the season. That'll be difficult given he's playing with a stress fracture in his hip. Ryan Anderson has a strain on his left leg, which may mean he won't play much against Iowa State and upcoming but you have to be an optimist to be a Nebraska basketball fan, don't you?

Coverage and Interest

I have taken to listening to the basketball games over the Internet, since it's nearly impossible to get Nebraska basketball on any sort of broadcast outside the state. Saturday's game against Oklahoma State will be available on ESPN+, but that's not much help.

Have any of you attended the games in Lincoln? Does the start by Sadler, and the way this team playing interest you in the least?