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Game Day Thread - Nicholls State

Welcome to the Second Half of the Nebraska/Nicholls State Game:

Kurt Mann, starting center, isn't playing today due a virus. This breaks Mann's 24 game starting streak, but it gives Brett Byford his first start.

At the half, it's 28-0 Nebraska.

Nebraska has 108 yards rushing, 91 yards passing at the half.

Marlon Lucky at the half - 15 carries for 81 yards, one reception for 13 yards. I suspect we won't see that much more of Lucky in this game.

Touchdown receptions to Matt Herian and Dane Todd.

Sounds like a fair number of people are playing, which is the point of such games. Major Culbert has been getting time at safety. Hopefully in the second half, we'll get a heavy helping of Joe Ganz, and maybe even Beau Davis. (It'd be good if Davis's on-field time was more than just the Tech game a couple years ago.)

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