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The Big Red Line

6'5" 250 LBS...

If I were calling in "The Dan Patrick Show", I'd definitely get a "Ding!" for good measure. Hey, if I'm lucky, I may even get a free pair of Hagar Slacks or whatever they push.

Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jake Larsen(aka Red Eyed Jake, seeing as I don't get enough sleep most nights) and as you can tell, I'm a big Nebraska Cornhusker fan. I'm a long-time blogger(I also write at DRaysBay, which is another member of the Sportsblog Network) and I'm even a longer-time Husker fan. At 23, I'm not familiar with much....but I was alive for all the Tommy Frazier, Scott Frost and Eric Crouch years. If I have my math correct, I was 2 when we last lost a season-opener.

I'm not your usual Husker fan, for many reasons.

First off, I'm from Illinois and I've never set foot in Nebraska in my life. I've also never set foot in Florida, which makes me the most unusual blogger of this network(seeing that I've never seen either of my favorite teams that I blog for, play at home.)

Next, with all the hoopla that goes to our QBs and RBs...I'm a fan of the Cornhuskers because of the linemen.

Ah, now you know where the height and weight thing come in....

I've been over 6 foot tall and over 200 lbs since I was a freshmen in High School. When I joined the football team, there was little question where I'd be playing. I had surprising speed for my size, but my size pretty much narrowed me to the line positions, linebacker and Tight End. Nothing wrong with those positions, really...yet, in no way are they deemed as "glory positions".

When you're a lineman, you're the last to get praise and the first to get yelled at. Never really getting your just due, unless you're on the D-Line getting sacks/fumble recoveries or on the O-Line picking up dropped fumbles by RB and stumbling into the end-zone.

When I was in HS, 2 Huskers pictures were put on my locker because I looked up to them.... Grant Wistrom and Dominic Raiola.

Grant was an obvious pick because he was gamebreaking D-Lineman that couldn't be stopped. However great he was, I never really seen him making a show of his tackles or sacks. He went about his business and just let the numbers do the talking for him.

Dominic Raiola, if you ever seen him during his college days at Center....that's how you play that position. He's one of the few reasons why I ever watch Detroit Lions games nowadays. It sure isn't for their Wide Receivers.

I could go on and on about the great Lineman, offensive and defensive, that have played for Nebraska.

Wisconsin and Iowa may be known for having linemen too, but from what I learned from them....they just make their linemen incredibly fat and immovable. Nebraska, in my opinion, is the closest thing to the college version of the Denver Bronco line. However, I don't think that line knows anything about "Husker Power".