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Nebraska Kansas Game Day

Mizzou beats Colorado 28-13. Colorado got into field goal range at least four times. Dan Hawkins was going on about Crosby's ability to kick a 70-yard field goal, here was his chance to do something, but he certainly didn't take it.

Remember "Rucker" - a tight end specimen for Mizzou. Their offense looks pretty good.

'Bama is giving Florida fits and the announcers just talked about how they think that Tebow should come into the game. What a joke. The next great recruit is everyone's saviour, aren't they?

What is it with the refs this year? Texas's only touchdown against Ohio State came after a first down granted because of a very questionable roughing the passer call. Nebraska got called for roughing Booty at USC - helmet to helmet contact - when there wasn't any. Bobby Ross at Army is walking down the sideline during the Texas A&M game, bumps an official, and the official throws a 15 yard flag on him. Today, a Purdue player pushes a Notre Dame player while he's out of bounds, and fifteen yards gets thrown there.

When did college become such a wimpy-butt game?

Just how bad is Indiana?

Is Michigan State beginning to implode already?

No problem with 'Bama's field goal kicking early.

Nebraska-Kansas, the longest running rivalry in football is less than four hours away. Their 114th meeting is today.

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