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Around The Nation - Bits and Pieces

Thirsty? Here's some Husker game Pics:
Lincoln Journal Star

As Corn Nation grows, we'll be posting pictures, and we welcome any fan pix, whether at the game or at watch parties around the nation.  

The 2006 Tunnel Walk:

Now, onto game comments:

Texas scores right before the halt to mash North Texas. Nebraska scores right before the half to pop LaTech's balloon. Both teams put the game away at the beginning of the third quarter.
Oklahoma within the red zone at the end of the first half with Thompson at quarterback has a turnover. They fought UAB until the end and More later.  

How hungover are Cal fans this morning? Is Tennessee this good, or is this what always happens to a Pac-10 team when they go on the road east of the Mississippi? I'm guessing the latter, but TN can't be the team they were last year with all those athletes. Sometimes things just go bad. Like a bag of fruit. Get rid of the bad ones and.... maybe you're okay.

I tried to watch North Texas/Texas, but it was... boring. So I switched to Michigan/Vandy. Chad Henne doesn't look like he's improved much from last year. Compare him to Nebraska's Zac Taylor who was (arguably) the most improved quarterback in the nation last year. Henne's decision making looks like it mirrors Lloyd Carr - made for another era. It would have been an excellent game if Vandy had anything resembling an offense.

Many have picked Notre Dame to be in the title game this year, but they're going to need to do something about their kicking. ND's defense did a good job in the second half of shutting down Georgia Tech. Brady Quinn picked up a roughing personal foul call in the fourth quarter - a huge moment in the game. As he was heading out of bounds, a GT defender put a pretty good hit on him. I could see if this were the NFL, but Quinn wasn't out of bounds, and he wasn't speared. If the guy is scrambling, he needs to either get out of bounds or take the hits - this isn't the NFL, even if the guy is a media darling and leading Heisman Trophy candidate.

Division IAA Montanta' State beats Colorado in Boulder and somebody picked the Buffs to go to a bowl? Holy Zen Archery, Batman! Dan Hawkins may have been a good coach at Boise State, but he's not going to turn Colorado around this year, nor should he. It would give credence to Gary Barnett's recruits, and worse yet, his mentality.  

Nebraska fans shouldn't laugh too hard (at least out loud) at the Colorado debacle - it makes the Big 12 North look that much worse.

At least Kansas State beat Illinois State to start the Ron Prince era. No embarrassment for the Big 12 North there. Thanks for that, Ron. Everyone in the Big 12 but Baylor and Colorado won their opening game - Baylor losing to TCU tonight, but there's no embarrassment in that. Baylor was ahead of TCU until the fourth quarter, when depth caught up with them.

Turner Gill wins his first game against Temple. Good for him. Gill will get Buffalo out of that bottom ten faster than Dan Hawkins will get Colorado to a bowl game. Frank Solich won his Ohio debut. Good for him too.

Why did Minnesota go on the road to play a lousy Kent State team? Answer - because Minnesota's athletic department couldn't afford to pay them to come to Minnesota and at the same time guarantee they'd sell enough tickets to make it worth their while.

5: 38 left in the fourth, Oklahoma receives a punt, the ball is ripped loose by UAB, but the refs blow the play dead and (apparently) tell UAB coach Watson Brown that it cannot be reviewed due to the whistle.  Welcome to Norman, Mr. Brown. You need to buy a car?

On the other hand - Remember '92 Alabama? Ugly winning, great defense. Won every game close. Came into the Sugar Bowl against Gino Toretta, and the Alabama's defense caused Gino fits. He'd never seen pressure like that. With 18 yards of passing, Alabama won a Championship. Could that be Oklahoma this year?


Reason: Offensive line, offensive line, offensive line. It ain't there for Oklahoma. You don't win anything that counts with a mediocre offensive line. Of all places, Nebraska fans know that.

Keep the faith. Go Big Red Nebraska!