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The Big 12 This Week

This is pretty late, I know. Should have had it out earlier, but hey, last night my 13 year old son's undefeated eighth-grade team played another undefeated team and beat them 12-6. It was an excellent game to watch - I don't think there is anything better than high school football - and included our team executing a play-action counter that was a thing of beauty and ultimately won them the game.

Colorado at Mizzou

One of the more interesting match ups of the week. 4-0 vs 0-4 at in the "Fifth Down" game. Colorado has to be feeling better about taking Georgia to within :45 left in the game before losing, but a loss is still a loss.

After this game, people will be getting really jazzed about Missouri's defense. Unfortunately, they'll only be increasing their defensive stats against YASO - yet another sucky (insert your favorite s-word here) offense.

Colorado's quarterback, Jackson, who started the season third string, has flashes of brilliance, and is getting better with each start. Without him, Colorado is lost. They're still not found in this game, and Mizzou's offense is pretty decent.

Mizzou 31, Colorado 13

Texas Tech at Texas A&M

The "Wrecking Crew" Aggie defense against Mike Leach's "Zing and Wing" at a point in time at which neither are truly living up to their names. Texas A&M is 4-0 against meager competition, in Tech's loss at TCU they didn't score a touchdown for the first time since 2000.

This is a rivalry game - THE game to watch this week - with the kind of hate that non-Texans just can't understand. Kyle Field is normally a very difficult place to win. On the In the Bleachers Podcast, I picked Texas A&M. I'd really like to see Texas Tech win this game. Perhaps I've cursed A&M - more on the curse thing later. Still, Texas Tech won't be held down like they were against TCU because Mike Leach will have made corrections, either in game plan or personnel.

Texas Tech 35, Texas A&M 25

Kansas State at Baylor

This is a difficult game to gauge. Kansas State is 3-1, by beating no one. Baylor is 1-3, but with close losses. Kansas State is rebuilding and Baylor is supposed to be getting better. Does Ron Prince play to get his program on track in the future, starting true freshman Josh Freeman? Does Baylor wing the ball all over place and do it succesfully?

Kansas State will win this game because they're purple, and so is my son's high school team. I hate purple, but this is as good a reason as anything else that anyone could come up with in this game, isn't it?

Kansas State 21, Baylor 20

Northern Iowa at Iowa State

It's at Iowa State and the Cyclones are supposed to contend for the Big 12 North. Northern Iowa isn't a pushover, even though they're Div IAA, this is a rivalry game for them. Iowa State's defense is still struggling, but the offense can score.

This would normally be a 'trap' game, one of those games ISU loses because they're looking ahead to Nebraska - a game they must win to stay in the hunt for the Big 12 North - but it's against an in-state rival.

Iowa State 37, Northern Iowa 28

Sam Houston State at Texas

The only really interesting story line in this game is that of Sam Houston State's (formerly of Oklahoma) Rhett Bomar. The last time we saw him:

He still isn't cleared by the NCAA to play.

Texas 107, SHS 2

Kansas at Nebraska

I think we've covered this one.