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Revenge Starts Here

Last year, the University of Kansas Jayhawks were a bane to Nebraskans. In football, Kansas broke a 36 year losing streak to destroy the Huskers in Lawrence, 40-15. Neither basketball game was close - both were all-out embarrassments, and as if that weren't enough, the Jayhawks beat us 9-7 in the Big 12 baseball tournament to take the Big 12 title, their first baseball title since winning the Big Seven in 1949.

I don't mind that Kansas has great basketball - in fact, when I was a student at Nebraska I ran for student body president and one of my major campaign themes was that we should merge with KU so that we'd get a good basketball program, they a good football program and everyone would be happy. I can live with the idea that we'll take a basketball game from then once in a while.

But in football, I'm ready for the Huskers to begin another 36 year winning streak. There aren't that many great Nebraska basketball players, but football, hey! that's our turf, man! This weekend, the Jayhawks come to Lincoln and I'd like to think that it's finally time to "Restore the Order". Nebraska is going to beat up Kansas in this game, physically and on the scoreboard.

Why, You Ask?

Nebraska's offense this year is explosive. Stop the whining about the USC game - we're now in conference play and now every game counts toward the goal.

Kansas isn't very good on the road (6-37 in the last seven years, 3-18 under Mangino)

Do you think for even an instant that the Huskers are looking past this game?

Payback, Revenge, Restore the Order, Redemption, Clobberin' Time - whatever you'd like to call it, this is where it begins.

A night game in Lincoln, Nebraska. You know what a night game means, right?
Two things -
Even normal people are a little crazier because the darkness does that to people.
Alcohol. When I were a collich stoodent, I didn't normally drink much before early games since I still wanted to make the Saturday night parties, but when you got a night game, it IS the party. Same goes for alums, grandpas, cows. You name it.

You think Chris Patrick doesn't remember last year?