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Kansas Preview

Husker Blogger Double Extra Point has a nice Kansas preview for y'all.

Through four games, Nebraska is sixth in total offense, 26th in passing, 10th in rushing. Not a bad balance.  We are second overall in scoring behind Louisville, even with a lousy 10 point showing against USC.

We are 49th in rushing defense, 17th in passing defense, and 21st overall. Last year we were first in the nation with 50 sacks. Through four games, we have only four. We were also tops in the nation in tackles for loss, at this point we're 60th. These stats need to improve as the season goes on, especially against Iowa State, Missouri, and Texas.

Lucky is 33rd in the nation carrying the ball, not bad for a guy who shares time with three other guys. Zac Taylor is 3rd in passing efficiency.

Kansas is 49th in total offense, 54th in passing, 45th in rushing. Not very good, balanced but low offensive output. Kansas is 40th in scoring at 28.5 points per game.Jon Cornish is 15th in the nation, averaging just over 109 yards/game, while KU quarterback Meier is 77th in pass efficiency.

The Jayhakws are 21st in rushing defense, 95th in passing defense, and 52nd overall. I can only imagine what Zac Taylor and his receivers see happening in this upcoming game, but you'd think that it contains the words "payback" and "revenge".

Jayhawk Brian Murph is fifth in punt returns, while Marcus Herford is 9th in kick returns.

Husker Terrence Nunn is 56th in punt returns. We're not ranked in kick returns, probably because we haven't allowed enough kick returns through four games (you need an average of 1.2 per game).

The obvious mismatch is the Nebraska passing  versus KU's defense - I don't think that Kansas will improve above that 95th-place rank after this week. I can see us lighting them up for over 300 yards in the air unless Bill Callahan decides to pound the rock throughout the game.

Nebraska will need to contain KU's RB Cornish, but I don't see that being an issue, given that he gained his yardage against Northwestern State, UL Monroe, Toledo, and South Florida, it shouldn't be a problem.

....more to come....