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I'm back from a weekend of traveling. I've joined with the In The Bleachers guys to vote on their top 10. Here's mine:

1. Ohio State

They started here, and will stay here until beaten. That may be this weekend at Iowa - Kinnick Stadium and that pink locker room.

2. Auburn

Why am I not ranking them #1? Probably because I was under the gun to get picks in. Given Auburn's defense, I think they're better than Ohio State.

3. USC

Better defense than last year, and defense cost them last year's national title game. Not many contenders in their conference. Easier road ahead than Ohio State or Auburn.

4. West Virginia

Explosive. Really explosive. We won't know until November how good they are.

5. Florida

I'm guessing they lose this position when LSU comes to town.

6. Louisville

Squished Miami, beat KSU on the road.  

7. Virginia Tech

But can they win in November?

8. Michigan

They'll lose to a team in the Big 10 besides Ohio State. Excellent rush defense, which will help in the Big 10, but I still don't trust the brain of Lloyd Carr or the feet and arms of Chad Henne.

9. Texas

We need a Big 12 team in the Top Ten and so far, everyone else has failed or is too weak in some way.

10. Georgia

14-13 over Colorado? You know that someone at the end of the year will do one of those relative win threads that shows how Montana State is really number one, right?