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Nebraska Needs Colorado to Be Good

I got to watch the end of the Colorado-Georgia game while in North Platte Saturday. We also watched a good portion of the Michigan-Wisconsin game.

I was surprised that Nebraska fans at the sports bar cheered when Georgia scored their go-ahead touchdown. I know we don't like Colorado, and there is a certain amount of joy in seeing Colorado at 0-4, but it's self-defeating to be glad that they're this horrible.

Do you realize what beating a top ten SEC team might mean to the Big 12 North? Someone might notice us. As it is, the Big 12 North is a joke - the Big East is doing better than we are.

Nebraska needs Colorado to be a good team. They have had national success, but now their program is little more than a weekly embarassment. That hurts Nebraska, and as little as their fans seem to truly care about their program, probably hurts us more than them.

Stop cheering for Colorado's demise. Like other Big 12 North teams, we should be cheering for them to win every game but one.

Just at football?