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Nebraska - Troy Game Day Thread - Keys to the Game

-    Establish the Run

Many Nebraska fans were upset with Bill Callahan's game plan against USC. Too much running, too much look like Frank, when this wasn't what they were sold. Get over IT!
In order for the West Coast Offense to be successful, you need to run the ball well. Given that Troy's defense is smallish up front, why wouldn't we use the same game plan that we used against USC?

We'll see a more balanced plan in this game. Other than USC, Nebraska's offense has shown incredible balance, and there's no reason to think we'd do anything different this week. Establish the run, set up the pass, and consistently move the ball.

-    Limit Big Plays

Troy will run the spread, move the ball around. They'll throw it deep and see what happens. These are the plays we need to limit or eliminate completely. Troy will use these plays to keep themselves in the game.

It'll be rainy and windy today in Lincoln, so it'll be interesting to see how that affects the Troy passing game.

-    Get some Big Plays

It's about time we see a few big plays ourselves. Maybe a Marlon Lucky 30+ yard run, maybe a play action pass completion to Matt Herian, Todd Peterson, or Maurice Purify.  How `bout just before conference play begins, we start tearing up some field?

It was great to watch the Blue Angels flying around Lincoln yesterday. It is truly amazing to see these planes live - the speed is incredible. Hope y'all in Lincoln get out and have fun at the Guardians air show this weekend! IF nothing else, get your kids out there, it helps the imagination!

Nebraska 33, Troy 13

Today is a rare Johnston family day for me. I'm not sure how much I'll be posting, I would have like to do more, but sometimes it's okay to take a break.