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Time to Play Change That Headline

The original headline for our recent college football story is: Ejections, alcohol treatment on rise at Colorado games

Campus police say they have seen more people in the alcohol treatment center at Folsom Field during Colorado's two home football games than they have during entire seasons.
While an informative title, we're certain that it could have been filed just as easily under the following:

Bad Ball in Boulder Leaves Buff Fans Bamboozled, Boozing

Coors To Report Record Sales 3rd Quarter, 2006

University President Brown Declares "The Wake Is Over, Please Leave the Stadium"

Folsom Field Staff Gets Break: "This Week We're on the Road!"

Obligatory: Colorado - A Drinking School With A Football Problem

At the Addition Recovery Center: "So, Whaddya in for, Montana State or ASU?"

Due to a recent bit of being under the weather, overworked and underpaid, we're running a little thin here at Corn Nation. We know you can do better.

What's your headline?

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