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Lousiana Tech - Game Day Thread

Welcome to the Corn Nation Lousiana Tech Game Day Thread. Leave your comments, thoughts, impressions of joy and disgust right here, now and throughout the game.

We've heard repeatedly about Troy Edwards, 405 onyard, 21 reception performance against Nebraska in 1998. The players have changed, but given Nebraska's secondary weakness, if we don't get pressure on the quarterback, could another LaTech receiver scorch us today?

Not with this defensive line. These guys are hungry to get back to greatness, and if this season is going to be the huge success that they want, it's going to start great play on both lines.

Nebraska Goals for the Game:

Balanced offense, over 200 yards rushing, 200 yards passing.
Five sacks
LaTech held to 200 total yards.

What We Want to See:

This game over by half time
Crisp offense - no penalties due to shifting
All four backs (Glenn, Lucky, Wilson, Jackson, not necessarily in that order)
No Injuries
Plenty of offensive line substitution
Joe Ganz by sub, not by injury

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Nebraska 38
La Tech  14

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