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Nebraska - USC Game Day Thread

Ran out of time this week to do a full round-up of the Big 12 this week. So quickly,

Oklahoma will beat Oregon 24-17
Iowa State will play better, but lose to Iowa at home 28-20.
Texas Tech knocks off TCU - 45-42 over two overtimes.

I've already posted comments around the web on what needs to happen for Nebraska to win this game, at Conquest Chronicles , Every Game Counts, and on the In the Bleachers blog.

My head says that we're not yet where we need to be to be a top 10 team. If you pick Nebraska to win this game, there'd better be a good reason (similar to picking Michigan today, you'd better be a Wolverine booster or alum). Being a Nebraska alum, so there's obviously some homerism in my pick.

Nebraska 27,USC 24

Some specifics:

Nebraska wins this game because they knock John David Booty out of the game in the 2nd quarter. USC   struggles on offense (meaning they don't get to 30). Nebraska limits big plays and turnovers, and controls the tempo on offense.

This is the Game Day Thread. This is the place where you can leave your comments about the game, good or bad. You can post anonymously if you like but we'd prefer you join Corn Nation by creating an account.