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Alex Gordon named Minor League Player of the Year

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If you're not big into Major/Minor League Baseball, Alex Gordon has hit since the day that he drafted by the Kansas City Royals. Not surprising, coming from the player that contributed offensively as a Freshman at Nebraska and helped them win a Big XII title that year.

"He Can Do Everything"

By the numbers, Gordon had a great year: He hit .325 with 111 runs, 158 hits, 39 doubles, 29 homers, 22 stolen bases, 72 walks and 100 RBIs. He also had a .588 slugging percentage and .427 on-base percentage.

Gordon, who was also named the Texas League player of the year and a midseason and postseason all-star, ranked in the top five in the TL in 10 categories--average (third), runs (first), hits (fourth), doubles (fifth, homers (third), RBIs (third), walks (tied for first), slugging percentage (first), on-base percentage (third), OPS (first).

If it weren't the Royals, or any cash-strapped franchise for that matter, Alex Gordon would've been a "September Call-Up". However, for some, this is for the better and the player improves his weaker spots in his game(For Gordon, it's believed to be his glove-work).