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ISU - Mothra to be big part of pre-game excitement

First saw this article referenced at Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer's blog.

It's about Iowa State changing their pre-game routine to create more excitement around the game inside the stadium, as opposed to the happenings outside the stadium.

The plan:

A new team entrance to the field and warning sirens counting down to kickoff are a couple of the changes fans will experience starting Thursday, when the Cyclones open the season against Toledo.

Word is that the five minute warning will be a guy screaming "Last Call!"


The sirens will help alert people who lose track of time.

Does this really need any comment?

New And Improved - ISU players will run out of a giant inflatable football helmet closely resembling a Mothra larvae. The first 1,000 fans inside the stadium will win mini inflatable Mothra larvae. How's that for excitement!?

The idea was hatched from last season's home game against Colorado, when tornado sirens blared and forced fans to evacuate the stadium and parking lots. Pink (ISU's Athletic Director) said ISU's siren will not be confused with an actual tornado siren.

Key word - "hatched". Just a guess, but maybe the siren will sound like Mothra?

You don't have to wonder why they couldn't win the Big 12 North the last two years, do you?