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ESPN's 2006 Bowl Predictions

ESPN predicts Nebraska going to the Gator Bowl versus Clemson - a January 1st bowl. Not a bad prediction, and about where I think we'll finish this year. I would consider this a successful season. It'd be nice to win the Big 12, but I won't cry myself to sleep if we do end up in the Gator Bowl.

Big 12:

Texas in the Fiesta Bowl versus TCU.
Oklahoma - Big 12 #2 going to the Cotton Bowl vs Georgia
Texas Tech back to the Holiday bowl - but vs California.
Iowa State in the Insight Bowl vs Purdue
Texas A&M in the Alamo Bowl vs Wisconsin
Mizzou in the Independence
Colorado in the Texas Bowl

Not sure if I agree that Colorado and Mizzou make a bowl. What about Kansas? I'd place them ahead of both these teams.

Big Bowls:

Rose Bowl -USC vs West Virginia   
Orange - FSU versus Louisville
Fiesta  - Texas vs TCU
Sugar - LSU vs Notre Dame

Remember that the "National Title Game" is a separate event this year on January 8th.

National Title Game:
Ohio State versus Auburn

This prediction requires that Ohio State beat Texas early in the season. Even with an experienced quarterback, I'm not sure Ohio State will beat Texas at home.

With Minnesota going to the Motor City Bowl - why don't they just rename the bowl after Minnesota?
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