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Feeling Schizophrenic

One week. I don't think I've ever felt more schizo about an upcoming football season than this season, and I've been around longer than most of my fellow bloggers.

Did it all come together at the end of last year? Or were our three wins over the worst KSU team in years, a Colorado team that had already given up, and a Michigan team that was both? Or can it be that these things aren't mutually exclusive?

Bill Callahan looks like he's doing some real good things, something a minority would have said before KSU of last year. He brought in Keller and beat out Stoops. He's been able to recruit (by "recruitnik" standards, as Mike Jaixen calls them) some of the better talent in the nation at key positions. He's filled some places with JUCO guys.

What's success this season? We're the only team that plays both USC and Texas, both top five teams. Potentially two losses right there and the optimist in me says we won't lose both. Clearly, success for Nebraska is winning the Big 12 North and going to a good bowl. I wouldn't focus on the number of losses, although with the Big 12 North being the mess it is, anything more than one loss against a Big 12 North team will be a big disappointment.

It all starts on the offensive line for Nebraska. That has not, nor will ever, change. It will be better this year if nothing more than we have much more depth than last.

I probably won't sleep much this coming week due to hyperactivity. I'll be replaying great Nebraska plays in my mind - ala "Johnny the Jet" - while someone's trying to talk to me. They'll then claim I'm losing my memory due to mid-life. There's probably a "syndrome" or "disorder" for the start of college football season, and if enough people admit to it, maybe we can start a support group.