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ASU's Sam Keller to NU?

Lincoln Journal Star's Brian Rosenthal posts that
Arizona State's Sam Keller may be coming to Nebraska for the 2007 season.

Keller has one season of eligibility remaining. The story behind Keller is that he has apparently decided to leave ASU after being named the starter and then having the job taken away from him and given to Rudy Carpenter.
According to an East Valley Tribune Article, Coach Dirk Koetter made the decision after talking to everyone, including several ASU players. Sounds like Koetter and his players handled the situation wonderfully.

Get a load of this:

"I feel horrible about the way all this came down on Sam," Koetter said. "I apologized to Sam and Rudy, and I apologized to the team. I screwed it up, so I have to fix it.

"Bottom line? ASU needs the right guy for our program."

The Right Guy? If Carpenter goes down with an injury, ASU is left with a true freshman and two walk-ons at quarterback. Sam Keller will be watching from the sideline of another team. Does that make sense to anyone?

Back to Nebraska

Behind Senior Zac Taylor, Nebraska has two sophomores in Joe Ganz and Beau Davis. JUCO transfer Brian Hildebrand has three years of eligibility remaining and Patrick Witt of Wylie, TX has made an oral committed to Nebraska for 2007.

For the past couple of years, we've been hearing about the complexity of Bill Callahan's West Coast Offense. If that's the case, does it make sense to bring a guy in for a single season? Or is it a sign that Callahan is looking for anyone that can handle the offense next year?

Perhaps if you throw enough guys into the mix, someone will stick. Others will transfer. Seems like it doesn't take a lot for that to happen these days.