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Welcome To Corn Nation

We are Corn Nation.

Welcome to Corn Nation. As anyone who grew up in Nebraska can tell you, we are corn. Corn is interwoven in life - a source of food, and in ethanol, a source of power. It is an inherent part of who we are - Nebraskans - from Gering, Wellfleet, Lynch, Gretna, Omaha, Nebraska City, Donophan or Beatrice - we know the image. Corn fields, the sun, and the combines.

We are a nation - our nation - Cornnation. Nebraskans travel the globe and when we see someone else wearing a Nebraska Cornhuskers T-shirt or cap, the first question we ask is "Where in Nebraska are you from". No matter where we are, what we do - we are one. Few states have this blessing. Nebraska is one of them. Welcome to the site. Become part of the nation.