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Nebraska's Upcoming Schedule

Upcoming schedule:

Nebraska's upcoming marquee non-conference schedule:

2006         NU @ USC
2007          USC @ NU
2008         Virginia Tech @ NU
2009         NU @ Virginia Tech
2010         NU @ Washington
2011         Washington @ NU
2012         NU @ UCLA
2013         UCLA @ NU
2014         OPEN
2015         OPEN
2016         Tennessee @ NU
2017         NU @ Tennessee

Not a bad group of teams to be playing - I've always heard that Washington is one of the most beautiful places to see a college football game. This is based on talking to other Husker alums who went there as part of our 90's series with Washington (who can forget those games?).

Virginia Tech - also another great place to see a game.

Of course, we play at USC in only a few weeks. It'll be interesting to see how many Nebraskans make that trip. It's like a bowl game - don't be surprised if Nebraskans make up much more of the crowd than you'd expect. I can see us spending some good jing of getting those tickets.