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Morning Coffee?

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If you're drinking coffee this time of night, you must be doing system updates somewhere.

 SBNation's Utah guy has an ongoing list of who's involved in the coaching carousel.

Mike at Black Shoe Diaries (Penn State) is doing a bowl pick'em game. He's giving away a $50 Visa gift card to the winner. Could be fun. I'll probably suck. I suck at gambling. That's why I don't do it much.  

Big Red Network talks up Armando Murillo, a Nebraska recruit at cornerback.

Oooooh, has this bit about alternative jerseys! Just in time for Christmas! Call me old school, but it seems to me that the schools that are the most worried about this type of stuff are those that suck at football. Maybe they would be better were they focused on blocking, tackling, and fundamental skills?

Let's just get on with the Project Runway reality TV show featuring football uniform designers. You know it's coming next season, right? First project, new uniforms for the coaches, then the refs, then the sideline announcers, and finally two segments on uniforms - one for the offense, and a different one for the defense. This is truly what's missing in college football today. More bullshit around football that has nothing to do with football!

The Cornhusker women's basketball team was rated at #25, but they lost to Minnesota. Their RPI rating was 16. I don't know much about Husker women's basketball. It'd be nice if we had someone who'd contribute to Corn Nation about them.

Danny Woodhead of Chadron State was named as one of three finalists for the Harlon Hill Trophy. The trophy will be awarded on December 15th. It's voted on by the sports information directors in Division II, a representative from each region and then paired down to the final three. Makes you wonder what would happen if they did the Hypesman Trophy this way. Much less bullshit - the award might go to the best college player, instead of the one with the most coverage.

You heard about Mike Leach being the next coach at Miami, right? Then I saw this headline from the Des Moines register and freaked a little. Then I thought about it - maybe Mike Leach would be a good ambassador, after all, he has his own plan for a college football playoff:

Leach emphatically endorsed a playoff system and provided his own plan: a 10-game regular season followed by a 64-team playoff starting with home games based on seeding and region. The second round would incorporate current bowl sites, leading to a national championship game.

But, Mike, where do the pirates come in?