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Callahan Apologizing After Big 12 Title Loss

Bill Callahan apologized for his performance in the Big 12 Championship game, stating:

"I was disappointed in everything I did," Callahan told reporters on a conference call. "I could have done a better job. I just didn't do enough. As I go through the week, I'm taking inventory of where we've got to get better, what changes we have to make. If we have to change some things, I'm going to change them. I'm looking at it really hard."

I like this approach better than blaming the players, but what did Callahan do that was so wrong during the game? Okay, the reverse play on the opening kick-off was a lousy call, but only because it stuffed us on the nine. Okay, maybe he could have run the ball a little more, but we out-gained Oklahoma both on the ground and in the air.

Maybe if Bill hadn't broken Brandon Jackson's hand. Maybe if he hadn't willed Zac Taylor to throw three interceptions. Maybe if... oh, hell. We didn't execute well. We needed Taylor to have a good game, and he had the worst in his Husker career.

Maybe it's time to put away the idea that because Bill Callahan coached in the NFL and didn't have any Nebraska ties that he doesn't care about the success of the program, so much that it hurts.

Maybe Callahan is disappointed because he saw the same thing we all did - a Nebraska team that outplayed a darned good Oklahoma Sooners team, but made too many mistakes to win a game they dominated.

Some have taken his comments to mean that he'll be firing someone after the season is completed. That reaction is understandable, given that we're always on the look-out for someone to take the fall for having failed to live up to our expectations of perfection.

Maybe Callahan is apologizing because he's as sorry as Husker fans are by the way the Big 12 title game turned out, and this is his way of showing his disappointment.