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Review: Nebraska - Under a Big Red Sky - Joel Sartore

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We're starting a review section here at Corn Nation. For our first review, we're very pleased to offer 'Nebraska: Under a Big Red Sky', a picture book from University of Nebraska Press.

In a word - gorgeous. The author - Joel Sartore - is a contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine, so you know that the photography is going to be something special and it is. Sartore travels throughout Nebraska, taking pictures of everything - an endangered beatle, rodeos and the cowboys that compete in them, pheasant hunters and fisherman, and Carhenge.

It's is a book that will those of us who live outside the state homesick for Nebraska. It is a reminder of Nebraska's true spirit - it's people. People who live in a state that's dismissed as uninteresting by most, but who make up for any perceived geographical shortcomings by being interesting themselves. As Sartore states in the short opening:

I learned cheap imitations don't count here. If a building is made poorly, the weather rips it to shreds. Deceitful people are treated the same way. They're not tolerated. Quality, honesty, and endurance are what count. They anchor us.
Sartore honors his craft, as he captures those traits in the pictures of Nebraskans throughout this book. There isn't a lot of writing, just enough to describe what's happening with each photograph.

"Nebraska: Under a Big Red Sky is a perfect Christmas present for that Husker fan who already has everything colored red. The price is right (less than $15 at Amazon, click the link above).

It's the kind of book you can pass around amongst your family at Christmas time, and I guarantee that they'll spend a few hours pouring over the pages. Well worth the money just to have around, even if you're not going to give it as a present. Leave it on your coffee or end table - someone will pick it up and it will provide hours of quiet entertainment for the holiday season.

Seriously, you don't want to miss this one.

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