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Oklahoma Win Proof Devil Still Owns Oklahoma

Purify fumbles, Smith of Oklahoma recovers and returns 7 yards to the Neb2.

That's how the CNNSi.COM play by play page of the game records it, and it defines what happened to Nebraska last night.

Clearly for anyone who watched it, this game was a sign that Bob Stoops and Oklahoma are in league with the devil. Just like the Barry Switzer days, Stoops has sold his soul to the devil. How else do you explain Zac Taylor's three interceptions after he'd thrown four all year?

How else do you explain the excellent play of Paul Thompson, Oklahoma's quarterback? The guy looked like Brett Favre, rolling out of the pocket, targeting strikes to receivers.

Oklahoma had less than 50 rushing yards, finishing with 42 yards on the ground. The Blackshirt defense played very well, controlling the line of scrimmage, but Oklahoma rolled Thompson on most of the successful pass plays, sucking our defensive ends inside and negating their pass rush. Oklahoma, less than 50 yards, but winning by a convincing margin? Dark forces were at work, I tell ye!

Nebraska isn't far away from being back among the elite in college football. The game last night was a game of turnovers, because Nebraska dominated everywhere but on the scoreboard. After one or two more years of this type recruiting, we can expect Nebraska to represent the Big 12 North on a regular basis.

Yet Nebraska has an enormous hurdle to overcome, one that took saintly Tom Osborne seven years to overcome as it manifested in Barry Switzer. Between Mack Brown and Bob Stoops fighting over the Big 12 South, how do you beat the devil?

Which of these things is not like the other? Which of these things doesn't belong?