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Honky Tonkin' And New Year's in Dallas

The Nebraska Alumni Group - North Texans for Nebraska (NTN) -  is sponsoring a New Year's Eve bash at a place called Cape Buffalo. I talked to Cape Buffalo earlier today, they said they're welcome to any Husker fans. Address is available at the link below to the NTN web site.

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door, but the nice young woman I spoke with said that if you mention you're a Husker fan, they'll honor the $25 price. Doesn't sound like too bad a deal.

North Texas for Nebraskans is also doing a tailgate before the Cotton Bowl. Map is on this link, and I don't have any more information about it than what is available at the North Texas Nebraskans web site.

BTW, tell the NTN people that Corn Nation sent you!

Honky Tonkin'

The following tips are from someone who is a die-hard country music fan who lives in Dallas and spends way too much time honky-tonking.

Pearl's Dance Hall - Forth Worth.  Jake Hooker sold out New Years Eve back in July, but he'll probably be playing with his dad on the 30th. Get there early if you want a place to sit.

Guide to Deep Ellum Area
Club Dada
Gypsy Tea Room

Dallas does have a number of clubs in the Deep Ellum area on the East side of Downtown, near the Cotton Bowl. All kinds of 'grungy' bands, dirty 40 seat dives, drinking, wild behavior, tattoo parlors, piercing places, modern art and "culture".  There are some decent acts at Club DaDa, like Queen for a Day ( a first class 5 star Queen copy band complete with spandex clad jumping jack type lead singer) They are playing at DaDa tonight! the 29th.  Probably the best show in Dallas tonight whether you like Queen music or not, these guys are good. Gypsy Tea Room gets a lot of unknown and notable recycled journeyman musicians in their 6th or 10th band with forgettable name. Sometimes has there's something worth the trip there.

Sons of Hermann

Sons of Hermann is about the only place I go in Deep Ellum and I only go to see Cornell Hurd or James Hand. A historic place, everyone who was ever anyone has played there, but a miserable venue for a music fan, go to see all the pictures and posters on the walls. Great trip through musical history.

Poor David's Pub
Gilley's Dallas

There's also Lamar Street, south of Downtown, still close to Cotton Bowl.
Poor Davids' Pub, Gilleys, close to the convention center to attract the touristas.

Wet and Dry

Dallas has 'wet' and 'dry' areas, meaning that if you're staying in a 'dry' area, you'll have to get to a 'wet' area to get any alcohol. Deep Ellum is a wet area, just so you know.

Remember to have a safe, Happy New Year!