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Lousy Ticket Sales for Cotton Bowl

Tickets for the Cotton Bowl apparently aren't selling very well. So much for great support and fans willing to travel anywhere - as has always been said about Nebraska fans. Nebraska has sold an estimated 9,000 of the 12,500 ticket allotment, which is a good thing because they get to pay for all the tickets they don't sell at $90 apiece.

Some are saying that Dallas isn't a great bowl destination and that the Cotton Bowl venue leaves much to be desired. There are a boatload of Nebraska fans living in North Texas already. Think they're not planning on attending? When you see articles like this, doesn't it give you the idea that you should wait until the last minute and get a ticket for $20 instead of $150?

A few more reasons for lousy ticket sales:

  • Early morning start - game time at 10:30 am means that realistically you're going to be getting down there around 8:00 am to get prepared for the bowl game. After New Year's Eve? Yuck!
  • Lousy timing - a lot of school starts January 2nd. I don't know what your Christmas vacation looks like, but my kids will be back in school the day after the bowl game and I'll be back at work. Maybe if it were on a Friday or Saturday, there'd be time to get to the game, get back, and get to school, but not when everyone is expected back the day after.
  • Disappointing Seasons. The article states that Nebraska fans feel let down after the loss to Oklahoma. What's to be disappointed about? We were in the Big 12 title game, and had our shot - we outplayed Oklahoma throughout the game, but had a bad day with turnovers against top ten team. It also states that Auburn fans are disappointed due to a November loss to Georgia.
Like I stated earlier, if this game were being played in September, we'd be all over it. It's a great match up between two teams with a good history.

If you think that losing to Oklahoma sucked, what if we lose to Auburn? Even more disappointment. Who wants that?