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Nomination for College Blogger Awards - Podcasts

College Bloggers Award

The Poinsettia bowl is turning out to be pretty anti-climactic, so I thought I'd try nominating someone for a blogger award. Are all the postgame interviews going to include asking about the preseason 2007 rankings? I suppose the game was such a one-sided butt-kicking that there wasn't much else to ask.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, whether about college football, my profession in computer consulting, or other hobbies and some comedy. My job can involve a lot of time in my car, or plane, so I like the ability to catch up on things with the podcasts.

One of the better college football blogs is ESPNU College Football Insider, but that's formal media, so it shouldn't quality for a nomination here.

The I'm Just Like You But I Have a Podcast Award

FOR: The best podcast or podcaster of the year.
CRITERIA: Uh, must be audio. And about college football, you know. Note that this is "podcast" in a really broad sense. Parody songs, incoherent ravings about Tyrone Willingham, and whatever else you've got are nominate-able. One restriction: it has to be self-generated.

In the Bleachers

Maybe this is cheating because I sat in on two or three of these, but I was listening to the podcast before I joined, that's why I decided to join them. It was a truly enjoyable experience - the guys at In the Bleachers have a lot of fun in their blog - you never know what is going to come up next, whether it be serious predictions and analysis about upcoming games, or a discussion on whether a Duck could beat a Beaver in a butt-kicking contest.

Double- A Zone

Unless you're going to stick your head in a dark place and keep it there, it's best that you learn what's going on in the world. That's where the short and sweet Double A Zone podcast comes in. It's an informative bit provided by the powers that be.

Midwest Coast Bias

Hey, it's a Nebraska Cornhuskers podcast - late in the year if you haven't found it yet, but pretty well done. Like their motto "A Fresh Point of View Out of the 402" (the area code in Lincoln).

Any podcasts readers are listening to that they deem worthy?