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Corn Nation Cotton Bowl Contest - Extended to December 31st

There are a good number bowl game contests around the blogosphere, so not to be left out, I thought we'd do one for the Nebraska-Auburn 2006 Cotton Bowl.

Here's how this it's going to work. The contest is based around how Nebraska does statistically in the Cotton Bowl, and each entrant's ability to predict those statistics.

Each contestant predicts stats about the game, as follows:

  • Husker First Downs
  • Husker Net Yards Rushing
  • Husker Net Yards Passing
  • Husker Total Net Yards
  • Auburn Net Yards Rushing
  • Auburn Net Yards Passing
  • Auburn Total Net Yards
  • Number of Sacks By Nebraska
  • Nebraska Points
  • Auburn Points
  • Tiebreaker - total points in the 2006 Cotton Bowl.
So.... we'll rank each stat as to how close each contestant came to guessing correctly. You will receive points based on your ranking, i.e. the closest person to the number of rushing yardage gets the maximum amount of points, the person furthest away wlll get one point.

Maximum points will be base on the number of entrants, so if there are 24 entrants, the maximum point will be 24. Any questions on that?

Entrant with the maximum amount of points wins. If there is a tie, we'll use the total points in the game prediction as the tie breaker.

Because of some site issues, we'll extend entries by a day. Entries are due by, midnight, December 31st, 2006. To enter, please post your predictions as comments in the diary section on the right entitled: Cotton Bowl Contest or create a new diary. You will be required to create an account, using the 'Create Account' button on the upper right on the home page.
When you create the account, be sure to include your email address so that I have some way of getting hold of you.

Winner will get up to $25 to spend at Husker Headquarters or Amazon. Winner can choose a gift at any one of those online stores, I will purchase the gift and send it to you.

It'll be like having Christmas in January or something like that, something to look forward to if you're like me and probably getting a small chunk of coal this year. (Which is worse than last year when I got a rather large chunk of coal.)