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Gobs O' Stuff About Volleyball

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Volleyball Mania has taken over Nebraska, for good reason. We have the number one team in the land. We have the most rabid, loyal volleyball fans in the land. When those two collide, it's magic in any sport.

I know that a lot of you are coming here looking for more volleyball information, news, pictures, and guidance. Our Guide to the Final Four is here.

I hope that many of you are the 'school loyalists' that Steve Smith spoke of in his book, Forever Red - Confessions of a Cornhusker Football Fan" because that's what I am. If it's a sport that involves red and "N" then I'm all for it. I'm going to add some more authors to this site come 2007, so if you're interested, send me an email.

It's hard for Christina Houghtelling, last year's volleyball player of the year, to sit and watch.

Courtney Thompson, Senior for Washington, rides off into the sunset leaving an incredible college career behind her.

The Daily Bruin talks about UCLA's loss to Nebraska. They point out some controversial calls and the home crowd as factors in the loss.

Stanford blew Washington off the court.

Just in case you want to see how Stanford and Nebraska got there.

Sarah Pavan is named the AVCA Player of the yearThere have been so many great players at Nebraska in volleyball, but watching this girl play the game has been really really really really special.

You need to find press conference information, right? It's here.

The Palo Alto chimes in.

So does USA Today.

I find it irritating that a lot of news outlets in Nebraska think fans are interested only in football. Get a clue, please.

How much does Stanford support their team? Apparently not much. See any headlines about a national championship game in the Stanford Daily? NO! They're on break, and can't be bothered. This is what Nebraska Coach John Cook was talking about when he said that he wished the PAC-10 would support their teams as much as Nebraska does the Huskers.

Just so you know, I am really conflicted about linking to any stories at the Omaha World Herald. Their registration system is awful, they generate pop-up ads. I'd suggest you find coverage somewhere else, because it certainly is available. Feedback is welcome. Create an account. Join us at Corn Nation. You know you want to.

I have absolutely no problem with the guys at Husker Extra. They're doing a great job, particularly John Mabry seems to cover volleyball really well.

Nebraska players try to define their season in words.

We will be doing a Cotton Bowl contest for the Nebraska-Auburn game. Winner gets, oh, $25 bucks to spend. But we won't be talking about that today. Today is a day for volleyball.

Come back later for the game day thread unless you'll be at the game. If you are, I'd love to see your comments!