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2006 College Football Blogger Awards

The 2006 College Football Blogger Awards have come online. They are being hosted by brother SBNation blogger RockyTopTalk.

There are a bunch of different awards - a whole bunch - far too many for me to cover. There are twenty two potential nominations that I need to come up with for awards. Holy Crap, 22 different awards in the first year? Twenty-friggin'-two? I think they went a little far in bending over backwards to make sure the top bloggers didn't sweep everything.

I'm very cynical about this, and trying to figure out why (maybe it's because I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet, you bastages!), and it's just hit me that most bloggers are probably in their twenties. They grew up being part of a generation where everyone gets a trophy from every sporting event they ever participated in. Wouldn't want to leave anyone out, or keep score, or have someone lose. Might hurt someone's self-esteem, so to get around that, there are 22 bloody different damned awards!!!! Twenty-two! Why not make it an even 23, and have Dr. Pepper sponsor the damned thing. Arrrgh.

Reading through these awards, some are very complex with the criteria. Like the - "You Talkin' To Me Award". Here's the criteria:

CRITERIA: Must be bi-directional, and both blogs must score points against each other. A unilateral beat-down will not suffice. Should be more in the spirit of fun than wildly abusive.

Find two rival blogs where they had fun with each other and didn't get wildly abusive? Where's the line on that, and how do you draw it? Arrrgh again.
Or another called the "That's Not Really Real Award":
FOR: The best photoshop or other counterfeit gag of the year.

CRITERIA: Could be a photoshop, a Motivational Poster, an On Notice Board, or something similar, as long as it elicited more than a mere smile.

If it were the best counterfeit gag, who would know? Wouldn't it still be counterfeit? Maybe they should just rename it "The Jenn Sterger Chest Award" since it deals with something obviously fake that we can all pretend is real.

Anyway, I have a favor to ask. There is no way that I can come up with nominations for all of these awards. So... I would love to hear from my readers (Mom?) about suggestions for nominations.

I am supposed to come up with my three best posts of the year and nominate them. I've never been good at being a self-promoter. Being a reactionary jackass, yes, I stand rightfully accussed!! But I'm very lousy at tooting my own horn unless there was free beer involved and I don't see the possibility of free beer anywhere coming out of this. No where have I found the words "free beer" and "2006 College Football Blogger Awards" on the same page.

So.... if you have an idea of what my three best posts were, please leave a comment. If you don't think I had three good posts, well, maybe I need to post more and better the odds of having something good show up.

The Awards are to be voted upon by college football bloggers, of which I are one (say that with a twang, please). We're supposed to come up with all these nominations by December 22nd, roughly at the time I'm supposed to come up  with a nice Christmas present for my wife of 17 (18? 19?) years. Guess which one wins! That's why I need your help.