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College Football Blogger Awards

People with bigger names than mine in blogging are coming up with some awards for college football bloggers.

Details are at Rocky Top Talk.

They're still searching for what, exactly, the awards are going to be, and they're looking for input - a couple things you think would be  good ideas to give out for awards.

Some can be taken for granted: a "Best in Show" the equivalent of Best Picture and Best New Blog. Also likely are Best Prose, Funniest, Best Analysis, plus post-related ones: a post of the year category and a  best regular feature category. They're looking for anything and everything else, plus good names for everything.

Check it out, please.

The only good idea I've had is "Best Nebraska Blog with Corn in the Name".

All of my imagination right now is going towards what kind of deal I can make with God to assure that Nebraska wins the Oklahoma game tomorrow.

So far, the best I've come up with is "God, if you let Nebraska win, I'll send my teenage son off to military school so he gets some discipline."

He responded right away.... stating "I've already heard that one 23 million times today, and 267,834 of them were from Oklahoma fans...... "

Pause.... "maybe you should quit drinking and I'll let Nebraska win".

Let's not get crazy. This is, after all, just a football game, right?