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Morning Coffee - A&M Coming

The Omaha World Herald reminds us all to be wary of false recruiting reports, particularly if we're a radio station. Requires registration.

The Daily Nebraskan has a nice article on freshman Major Culbert's game against Mizzou. You don't need a registration. The DN has RSS feeds. How is it that a campus newspaper has embraced techology ahead of the Omaha, Lincoln, and GI newspapers?

Texas A&M Blogger has a this bit about Jorvorskie Lane on third down attempts. Lane is 274 pounds - how'd you like to tackle that? As long as we don't see any Blackshirts diving at his feet, we'll be okay on Saturday.

Brother King has Nebraska-Texas A&M listed as one of his National Games of Interest this week. He takes Nebraska.

Hey, while you're at the Huskers-Aggie game, you can stop by the "Get Your Head in the Game" booth, and get educated about hair loss! You can register to win a Segway! You can speak with a physician! You can vote for one of the top five tailgating schools (of which neither Nebraska nor Texas A&M should be in the running, eh?)

Zac Taylor is moving past really old records if you're his age. They're just records if you're my age. Article includes this bit:

That will change Saturday in Kyle Field when Zac Taylor, 23, picks up his 110th passing yard against Texas A&M and breaks the school's 32-year-old mark, set in 1974 by David Humm (5,035).
When that happens, all remaining doubts about the Cornhuskers' ability to make a successful, long-term transition from smashmouth football to space-age football under coach Bill Callahan should disappear.

I'm thinking that maybe the doubts will disappear when we win a Big 12 title or something like that. I'm happy for Zac that he's breaking old records, but let's not go nuts about it. We're getting better, but we ain't there yet.

Big Red Network sizes up the Aggies.

Coach Fran (I always call him that because I can't say or spell Frachione) is still taking heat for the Oklahoma game. Lack of focus on Nebraska this week? Maybe!

The Aggies have a sackmaster! Some guy named Harrington. Weren't you tired of hearing the name "Harrington" called when we played Mizzou? Let's hope it's not the same this week.