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McCarney Gone

Yea, I know we're not a Cyclone blog, but I've been to Ames so many times and know enough ISU alums that I feel like part of them now. Besides, I tore down a goal post at their stadium. That's more than I've done at any other place besides Nebraska..... geez, I'm getting all teary now.

So... Big Mac is gone. Had an ISU buddy call me during the press conference, said that McCarney didn't say a single bad thing about ISU. As the ESPN article states, ISU Athletic Director Pollard was more upset than McCarney. I suppose that's not that difficult to understand. With the season that the Cyclones has had, there were plenty of people complaining when I attended the Nebraska game in Ames, so I can only imagine how loud the screaming was after the losses to Kansas and Kansas State.

With regards to his future, Dan McCarney will be fine. He always faced an uphill battle in Ames. Nebraskans tend to take our athletic department for granted, as if it's possible for every other school in the nation to raise as up money as we do.

"I've got peace with my decision. I have no regrets. It's time for me to move on," McCarney said. "It's been a hell of a ride."

Nice ending, Dan.