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Dan McCarney to Resign At End of Season

Several sources are reporting that Dan McCarney will resign at the end of the season. (HT:Husker Mike)

From the ESPN story......

Pollard, who took over the athletic department 14 months ago, has already replaced the coaches of his other two main revenue sports, hiring Greg McDermott as men's basketball coach and former Cyclone All-American and Olympic gold medalist Cael Sanderson in wrestling.

Truth is, Pollard has big plans for the Iowa State athletic department. He has plans to bring college baseball back to Iowa State, and he is trying to raise $135 million for the athletic department. Going winless in Big 12 North conference play is not something that fits in with those plans. The old saying 'talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey' fits appropriately at this time.

You have to wonder if John Bunting's firing at UNC has lead to some other coaches being canned earlier in the season than they would have been. All these programs worried that someone else might get to Butch Davis before they do. Now the worrying will get more intense.

But will the next coach have this look? Or will he be a happy-guy Cyclone coach? Oooohhh, the suspense!

Update [2006-11-8 17:59:9 by corn blight]: Iowa State will be having a press conference at 7:00 pm.

In a dozen years at Iowa State, McCarney's role grew to far exceed that of just the football coach. He became the face of ISU athletics and a constant, visible vocal leader for the department while many other coaches and administrators came and went. McCarney's generosity with his time and talent as an ambassador, recruiter and salesman for Cyclone athletics was often cited and praised by fellow coaches and members of the ISU community.
So as an ISU fan you're left to wonder how the AD will do with raising all that money now that he's fired the "face of ISU athletics"?