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Aggie Doubt Increased After Loss To Oklahoma

Texas A&M - Oklahoma   

Anyone else watch the Aggies lose to the Sooners? I couldn't help but wonder - did we (Husker fans) want Texas A&M to win that game or lose it? I concluded that it turned out best for Nebraska fans - Coach Fran is 1-11 against Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Nebraska. A win over Oklahoma would have given the Aggies a needed confidence boost coming into the game this week.  A loss - and the Aggies will begin to doubt themselves.

The Aggies certainly had their chances to win the game, controlling most of the fourth quarter. The way in which they lost to Oklahoma will only add to the doubt.  The Aggies drove to the two yard line after running the ball effectively against the Sooners. They throw a pass, then go for a field goal when they're behind 17-10. Everyone wonders what 's gotten into the head of the main man Coach Fran? He has a 274 pound running back - Jorvorskie Lane. The guy had gained a first down on 15 straight carries when the Aggies ran him on third or fourth down and you fake to him to throw a pass instead? Wow, Coach Fran thought too hard and long on that one.

I'm guessing that this is pretty much how the week looks in Aggieland.

The end was a boggled mess- Oklahoma appeared to pick up a fourth down attempt only to have Bob Stoops call timeout right before the ball was snapped. Then it looks like the Aggies stop Paul Thompson only to be called for illegal participation - 12 men on the field, the irony of which isn't lost on anyone.

Nebraska may need to thank Oklahoma for crushing the will of an opponent the week before we get them. Texas A&M will be tough at home, but we will find out what kind of team they are this week.