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Stoops - Big 12 Coach Of the Year?

Bob Stoops Big 12 Coach of the Year?

Fanblogs picked up on Burnt Orange Nation's note that Bob Stoops should be made Big 12 Coach of the Year. Pretty fair statement coming from BON, considering how much grief they give Oklahoma on a fairly constant basis.

The Sooners have overcome losing their starting QB between spring practice and opening day, losing their Heisman candidate in Adrian Peterson, and the resulting rework of their offensive scheme. They've beaten top 25s Missouri and Texas A&M - both on the road and both after losing Peterson. OU has worked their way into a top 20 ranking - despite all the obstacles and with only 11 seniors on the entire team.

Stoops is a helluva coach, but I can't help but feel that a couple of these wounds are self-inflicted. Maybe it's a bit much to ask him to accept complete responsibility for the Bhomar-Quinn incident, but he is the head coach and that's where responsibility begins and ends.
The Adrian Peterson injury has bothered me since it happened. Why Peterson was still in the game at that point against Iowa State when they had Patrick for a backup, well, clearly a dumb decision.

Stoops has done a good job with a banged up team, but there is a better reason for him to get the Big 12 Coach of the Year honor. With the exception of maybe Mack Brown, no one else has stepped up, have they?

Haven't posted as much as I'd like the past few days, been trying to finish off a set of DVD's for my son's football team. Darned DVD's take quite a while to edit, build and burn, which means taking quite a bit of time away from posting.
I'll be heading off to the homeland next week for Nebraska's rifle season for deer. I am completely looking forward to the time off from everything.