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Mizzou's Turn to Be Cranky

Fire Gary Pinkel? Mizzou's Turn to be Cranky

Dan over at ZouBlog has done a series of posts on Why Gary Pinkel should be fired.

You can say all you want about Mizzou's expectations being lower because the team hasn't won a title of any kind since 1969. You can say that Mizzou hasn't experienced national success in a long time. You can say that it's nice that Mizzou beat Nebraska on TV. But to extend the contract of a coach who had a winning percentage of .363 in conference play (at the time the contract was signed) is simply inexcusable.

He's referring to Mizzou's win over Nebraska in 2005, obviously not this year.

Does Pinkel deserve to be gone? Would you fire him if he were your coach? It doesn't take much to get into the fire the coach mindset - college football fans don't have a huge amount of patience, and since we're not the ones who have to pull the trigger or come up with the buyout money, it's easy to say 'fire the coach'.

Pinkel has been at Mizzou for six years now, and as ZouBlog points out, a .363 winning percentage in conference play is nothing to be proud of. Considering how bad the Big 12 North has been as a whole over the last three years and it really stinks.

ZouBlog posted a video that y'all saw of Chase Daniel picking his nose on national TV. I have to wonder why television people do that to embarrass the kid.