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Ah - Relaxation - Kind Of....

It's a win, that's all that counts. Both teams at times looked like they really didn't want to win the game. Key turnovers, Nebraska's Brandon Jackson fumbles the ball when it's time to put the game away, then Mizzou turns it over back to us. We win. that's all that counts.

Kansas really took it to Iowa State today. You have to believe that at least Barney Cotton will be gone from ISU this year, if not Dan McCarney and his whole staff. I doubt the latter, though.
Tech beats Baylor without Shawn Bell as expected.

Nebraska wins, Frank Solich's Ohio wins, and Turner Gill's Buffalo wins big. Can someone complain about today?

BTW, there's nothing wrong with simultaneously rooting for Bill, Frank, and Turner. Nothing. Try it sometime - even you people who think the world is a black and white place (as opposed to shades of grey). I realize you might need counseling to get through it, but if you do, and can't afford it, hey y'all, that's what Corn Nation is here for - to help you through it all.

Great football tonight in the Big 12. OU smacks down A&M, then gives up consecutive 15 yard penalties, and lets them right back in it. Texas looks like they're in control.

Great to see LSU win  today. The Vol's are out of the one loss picture.

Give your prayers out tomorrow for JoePa, when they do that "silent prayer" offering during Church.... or put something in the plate. Depends on the state you're in, doesn't it?