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Fact or Fiction With Crimson and Cream Machine

This week we play 'Fact or Fiction' with fellow SBNation blogger Matt from the Oklahoma blog Crimson and Cream Machine.

Earlier, we responded to Matt's 'Fact or Fiction' statements, relying on the theme that best defines the Nebraska-Oklahoma rivalry throughout the years - Good versus Evil.

So - here we are, presenting our 'Fact or Fiction' statements and responses:

Corn Nation: Oklahoma is better at rushing the football without Adrian Peterson.

CCMachine: Fact, but not the way it sounds. After Peterson went out with the broken collarbone the Sooners actually increased their rushing attempts per game and things began to really click for the offense. Don't get me wrong, Allen Patrick and Chris Brown have been outstanding rushing for 579 yards against A&M, Baylor and Oklahoma State but we can only imagine what Peterson would have done in those games.

Corn Nation: A loss to Texas and still being in the Big 12 Championship game is better than a win over Texas and no Big 12 Championship game.

CCMachine: Fact, Oklahoma football is about championships not vendettas. While we love to see Texas lose and enjoy nothing more than beating them ourselves, no level-headed Sooner fan would sacrifice and opportunity for a championship just to beat Texas.

Corn Nation: Oklahoma's defensive line will overpower Nebraska's offensive line, shutting down the Husker's running game and forcing us to rely on the pass.

CCMachine: Fact, Oklahoma has the second best rush defense in the conference allowing only 99.4 yards per game. They will use their front line to push everything to the outside for the linebackers to clean up.

Corn Nation: Oklahoma fans are not worried about this game.

CCMachine: Fiction, the Huskers are more than solid. They were a fumble away from beating Texas and have won three of their last four games and had a stretch in which they won seven of nine. While I do think Oklahoma is the better team there is a reason why Nebraska is playing in this game.

Corn Nation: There aren't enough hills in Oklahoma for all y'all to be f'in Hillbillies.

CCMachine: Fact, while there are a few mountains (hills) in southern Oklahoma but it's a far cry Arkansas or West Virginia. We wouldn't expect Callahan to know the difference though. He was like a deer in the headlights during that trip to Norman.

On a side note it was ironic hearing him ripping on OU fans after he had coached the team that had the most freakish and insane fans in the NFL.

Corn Nation: Nebraska's offense will score more points against Oklahoma's defense than Oklahoma's offense will against Nebraska's defense.

CCMachine: Fiction, Why not just say Nebraska is going to beat Oklahoma?

Corn Nation (after getting the responses, and reflecting): it was late and I was trying to be tricky? Ha!)

Corn Nation: When Oklahoma's record was 3-2 this season, you knew at least one person who suggested that Bob Stoops should be replaced.

Fiction, I'm not saying that it wasn't said but I don't know anyone who said it. Every team has fans who are freakishly insane and Oklahoma is no exception. Bob Stoops has a couple of free passes at OU should he come across a losing season.

There were, however, some people calling for defensive coordinator Brent Venables' job after the slow start but they are hard to find today.

Corn Nation: Thanks for your time, Matt! Good luck (but not that much) with the Big 12 Championship!