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Tigers know they?ll have to stop Nebraska?s ground game to win the battle for the North. As long as we don't abandon it, we should be fine, right?

Texas-Oklahoma State game to be near adless!

Philips tried this strategy once before, with a "60 Minutes" broadcast in October 2005, and the company said it received a very favorable reaction from viewers.

Here's a thought. Maybe the games could be shortened without changing clock rules! Maybe people will feel better about an organization (Philips Electronics) that buys all the ad time might be viewed as someone we could admire, maybe even enough to buy their products. Maybe if other companies did this, they could lay off half their marketing staff, save themselves some money and spare us from this constant need to barrage us in every aspect of life by filling every open space with a logo and every spare second of quiet time blaring upbeat music designed to make us like Nike and Adidas.

The only reason Shakespeare said "Kill all the lawyers" instead of "Kill all the lawyers and marketeers" is because the marketeers weren't everywhere at his time. Otherwise, he'd have darned sure been for it, right?!

You can use a game like this to easily identify the marketing people in your life. They're the ones who'll miss the commercials. Things won't feel right. They'll feel uneasy, possibly even ill. It's at this time you can take them aside and insist that they can get help for their problem. Then they could join the Peace Corps and help make the world a better place. In the long run, they'll feel better about their life and so will you.

Sooner or later, one of them is going to invent the device that beams ads right into your head while you're standing at the urinal instead of just forcing you to look at them for 1.36 minutes each time you visit. You wouldn't want that to be someone you know and love, would you?

Did you know that Mizzou has a guy named "Pig" on their team? Who names a guy Pig? Especially "Pig Brown" because it's going to show up a lot in life as "Brown Pig". Oh, his mother because he used to eat everything in sight. Everyone is rooting for him, right? (That HAD to hurt, didn't it?).

' So the Tennessee Athletic Director wants students to clean up their language when cheering. Nothing wrong with that. I always try to emphasize to my children that people who need to use this kind of language are a lot dumber than those that don't because they don't have the proper vocabulary to express themselves. I know it's a long shot at Tennessee, but, hey, maybe they could have classes on cheering.

Scarlet wants to know why Nebraska fans continue to beat the dead horse that is Frank Solich as coach of the Big Red. Scarlet, the answer is right here, towards the end.

Brother King over at Dawg Sports, the Georgia Bulldogs blog here at SBNation takes issue with Oklahoma State fans taking issue with him, even people in an Allman Brothers forum? What's up with that?

The Daily Nebraskan has published their three keys to the Nebraska Mizzou game. I like their thoughts - especially the one on Nebraska's kicking game. I'll publish my "Bill Callahan Keys to Victory" later today with a prediction. Every Friday you can get that here at Corn Nation. The anticipation hurts, doesn't it?

Nebraska volleyball remains the only unbeaten team in the nation, sweeping Texas Tech earlier this week. This is Rachel Schwartz - 5' 9" Sophomore libero. I need better volleyball pictures, eh? If you have some, please send them, and I'l be glad to post them. We love the volleyball team here at Corn Nation.